Moving is often a chaotic, confusing thing, even for moving companies who do it a lot. The chance is always going to be there that one of your boxes is going to get misplaced. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to make sure this doesn't happen.

Barcode Apps

There are apps out there that let you enter what is in a box, where it's coming from and where it's going, as well as the contact information of the box's owner. You can then encode all of this information into a barcode, print it out, and tape it on a prominent position right on the top of the box.

This information can then be shared with the moving company, so they can have workers scan boxes whenever they lose track of what it is. It also means that if the box gets misplaced and ends up going with the moving company to a new move, they can figure out the mistake quickly and return it.

It also means that you can rapidly confirm that every box you taped is at your house by simply using a barcode scanning app on your phone to scan each box. Since so many people have smartphones these days, chances are good that anyone who encounters your box will be able to read the information with their phone and let you know where your box is should that be needed.

Some moving companies actually offer this for free as part of their service, but you can usually do it yourself regardless.

Tracking Tags

Another option for making sure that your property doesn't get lost during a move is to use a cheap tracking tag. There are many of these on the market these days, but the best ones are often those that allow you to replace the battery on them, so you can reuse them at a later date.

In general, the power on these tags will last around a year, and you can stick them to anything, including moving boxes. When you are within a hundred yards or so, depending on the tag, you will be able to track down the tag's exact location using your phone.

Many of these tags also have a network that means that even if you're outside of the 100 yard range, you could still find a missing box with a tag on it provided that someone else with the tag app came within range of your box.

Overall, having a method for tracking your boxes personally while using a moving service (such as Walsh Moving & Storage) will help you ensure personally that no boxes are lost.