Planning a move is always time-consuming and stressful. Thankfully, there are many ways you can simplify the process and keep your stress levels under control. One strategy is to use portable storage containers to facilitate your moving process. The storage company drops the containers off, you fill them, and then they pick them back up and either drop them off at your new home or a temporary storage site. Here are three reasons to consider portable storage containers for your next move.

You don't have to transport your items.

If you were to rent a conventional storage unit, you would have to find a way to get everything from your home to the storage facility. This might mean renting a moving truck or trailer, which just adds to your expenses when you're already spending a lot on your move. With a portable storage container, you just need to carry the items you plan on storing outside to the storage container and put them inside. There are no extra truck rental fees, and you don't have to drive a big moving truck, either!

You can be sure your items are safe and secure.

While storage facilities go to great lengths to ensure their units are secure, you're still not there to watch over your items day in and day out. A portable storage container is placed in your own backyard, so you can keep an eye on it. If you have a fenced-in yard or security cameras, it's even safer!

You don't have to separate "storage" and "move" items.

If you will ultimately be keeping some items in storage and other items in your new home, then a portable storage container makes things so much easier. You don't have to separate these items before you pack. You can instead pack everything into the container, and then decide what you're going to keep in storage once you arrive at your new home and begin unpacking the storage container. This makes more sense since you don't always know which furniture you want to keep until you're moved into your new space.

Portable storage containers come in many different sizes. A rental company in your area can help you decide on the proper size for your needs. And if the unit you rent ends up being too small, they can always deliver a second one for your to fill. To learn more, talk to a portable storage unit company like 50 State Relocate.