When you move into a new house or apartment, you may not have enough space to stash all of your belongings. After you have filled your closets, attic, and basement with your spare items, you need to find someplace else to store the rest. Rather than deciding what to items to get rid of, you can keep all of your possessions by keeping them in self-storage. These benefits come from storing your belongings in climate-controlled self-storage

Low Humidity

When you store your belongings in climate-controlled storage, you avoid the worry that humidity and moisture will ruin them. These elements can be the worst enemies of possessions that you want to keep safe and dry. Moisture can seep into your containers and boxes and cause belongings like clothing, holiday decorations, and appliances to mildew and rot.

However, when you store them in a self-storage unit in a climate-controlled building, you get the assurance that the humidity level will be kept low. The building may use an HVAC system that dehumidifies the air while keeping the premises at a cool and safe temperature for storage.

Secured Access

Businesses that offer self-storage typically make available buildings and storage units that are secured and off-limits to people who are not clients. Each client of the self-storage unit business gets a card or passcode to get past the gates guarding the property. They also are allowed to use their own lock and keys on their storage units.

This high level of security prevents people from breaking into the self-storage business and stealing clients' belongings. Many climate-controlled storage businesses also use surveillance cameras and may even have on-site security to keep people's storage lockers safe from theft.

Pest-Free Storage

Finally, many businesses that offer climate controlled self-storage also prioritize keeping pests out of their buildings. Pests like mice and cockroaches are drawn to dark, muggy, and wet environments. However, when the self-storage building has a climate control system in it, it makes the interior of the storage area inhospitable to pests. There is less of a chance of cockroaches, mice, and other pests getting inside of your unit and destroying your belongings.

These appeal factors come with using climate-controlled self-storage for your extra belongings. Your items stay safe from moisture and rot, as well as theft and infestations from pests like mice. Talk to a storage facility in your area to learn more about the units available to you.