If you are thinking about putting items into storage, you need to consider if you want to rent a regular storage unit or a climate-controlled storage unit. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your unit will have thicker insulation, circulating air, and controlled temperature. There are specific reasons why renting a climate-controlled storage unit may be the right choice for your needs in some situations.

#1: Live Somewhere With Varied Weather Conditions

If you live somewhere with varied weather conditions, where it gets cold in the winter, wet in the fall and spring, and hot and humid in the summer, renting a climate-controlled storage unit can be a smart idea. Extreme temperature changes are not suitable for most items, and a climate-controlled storage unit will provide a stable environment for all your stuff. If you live somewhere with a more consistent year-round environment, a climate-controlled situation may not be necessary.

#2: Storing Furniture

If you are storing furniture, you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Furniture that is made from wood doesn't do well in moisture and can become warped and even rotten depending on how much moisture is present. Upholstered furniture can get mildewy and smelly if not kept in the right conditions. Metal furniture is at risk of getting rusty while in storage. In general, furniture works best in a temperature-controlled environment, which is what a climate-controlled storage unit provides you with.

#3: Protect Electronics

It may seem like you can take your electronics with you everywhere these days, but that doesn't mean that your electronics can withstand all types of environments. Electronics work best in climate-controlled environments. Extreme humidity, moisture, and heat can damage the sensitive components inside your electronics. If you plan on storing items such as a record player, speakers, television, computers, or other electronics, you will want to utilize a climate-controlled storage unit.

#4: Protect Special Items

If you have special items you need to put into storage, such as antiques, jewelry, or other collector's items, you will want to make sure you protect those items. Antiques preserve when they are treated with care. Other special items, such as metal, can lose their luster if not stored properly. Paper items can easily get damaged if not stored right. If any item you have is hard or impossible to replace, you will want to keep it inside a climate-controlled storage unit.

If you have special items, electronics, or furniture you want to put into a storage unit, and you want the items to make it through a long period of time in storage without getting damaged, you are going to want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, which will provide the best environment for keeping those items safe.

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